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StarHomes is a Company specialized in Florence’s luxury real estate market. The aim of our carefully selected portfolio of Luxury Properties in Tuscany is to offer the best of the market: prestigious Villas, luxury apartments in the center of Florence, luxury homes in the best locations, panoramic penthouses, dream villas and hotels for sale.

A team of experts aimed to find the home of your dreams

StarHomes, as one of well-known companies on the national and international market, has an added value of the organization consisting of a team of highly qualifies experts ready to offer their Customers all-inclusive services in Real Estate including also architectural, legal and tax services.

Luxury Real Estate Firenze

StarHomes Luxury Real Estate is the referent of all those looking for a luxury Property in Florence. Due to our deep knowledge of the market and the territory, we are always ready to locate the property that corresponds to the specific needs of each Customers.

Tailor Made services

Our mission is to satisfy all Customers requests offering Tailor Made service. This policy gives us the possibility to locate on the market the most suitable property to the needs of our Customers making StarHomes the ideal and reliable partner for those who want to buy a luxury property in Florence.

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The portfolio of StarHomes Luxury real Estate consists of the properties with particular qualities like their prestigious position, rare beauty and exclusive location. We offer a careful selection of Luxury Villas in Florence and on its wonderful hills like Piazzale Michelangelo, Bellosguardo and Fiesole.

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If you are looking for a Prestigious Property in Florence with particular features or you have a specific request, please, click on “request info”. Our team will be pleased to make a “tailor made” search for you to better match your needs.

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StarHomes Luxury Real Estate is the referent of all those looking for a Luxury Property for sale in Florence. Prestigious properties in our catalogue are attentively selected by a team of experts, determined to offer the best of the Villas and Luxury Apartments for sale in Florence. Our exclusive catalogue includes wide range of properties, from Luxury Apartments, exclusive Villas with wonderful view up to whole floors of historical buildings for sale in Florence.

Our team of experts welcomes everyone who is dreaming a Luxury Villa in Florence and, accompanying them with exclusive offers and highly professional services, ensures its’ clients a unique and pleasant research of their luxury property for sale in Florence. StarHomes is a leader in Luxury Real Estate in Tuscany. Our exclusive collection of Luxury Properties for sale in Florence like elegant villas, prestigious apartments, historical houses and wide range of other properties in the most prestigious locations are completely at your disposal. All our properties are the best of what Tuscany offers in the centre of Florence, Lungarno (river) Florence, its’ hills, Piazzale Michelangelo zone, Fiesole, Bellosguardo. StarHomes is a leading company in Luxury Real Estate in Florence and offers its highly professional services reserving special attention to each detail. The fundamental values of the StarHomes are high experience and proficiency in accurate selection of exclusive properties and the maximum transparency and loyalty towards its clients. 

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