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StarHomes offers all the property services necessary to sell or purchase real estate in Florence with guaranteed results, economic optimization and project timing.

Our aim is to offer exactly what the Customer desires that's why we choose Tailor Made services, personalized according Customer's needs. Thanks to our deep knowledge of Florentine market, we are able to find the property even in case it does not exist in our Prestigious Properties Portfolio in Tuscany.


The experience and professionalism developed over time lets the transactions be structured with a strong entrepreneurial footprint, combining and coordinating highly qualified professionals such as real estate brokers, architects, legal and tax experts in order to conclude the sales transaction successfully.

We are specialized in prestigious real estate market of Florence. That is why our network of experts is the most skillful in the sphere of real estate. We are pleased to offer our consolidated experience accompanied by all kind of assistance and study needed to reach the goal with maximum satisfaction for everyone with the wish to sell or purchase a luxury property in Florence. Buying of selling with us your property will be always successful!

Transparency and creation of excellent synergy with the realities operating on the market is essential for the success of all real estate transactions. That is why StarHomes is always active in search of ideal solutions for its Customers, constantly making more and more richer its portfolio of properties with villas, apartments, penthouses, historic residences, hotels and all other prestigious properties in Florence.


Thanks to its' consolidate experience and knowledge of the luxury real estate market of Florence, StarHomes guarantees its' Customers personalized services to need their needs.



Thanks to our multi-annual and consolidated experience, we do understand the needs of those searching a prestigious property in Florence. That is why even the most particular needs find their solution in StarHomes, always.


Our Prestigious Properties have exclusive positions in Florence. Luxury Villas with breathtaking views, apartments in the center of the city with the view of Duomo, which, besides the comfort emanates in you unique emotions interspersed with beauty and history as only Florence can give.Our goal is to share some of these emotions even to those who are looking for prestigious property in Florence but stay far away, may be in another part of the world. We make Exclusive Monographies of the Properties capable of transmitting emotions and beauty of the property and making them remain impressed in readers' memory.


Brokerage of valuable real estate property requires some fundamental qualities for the success of the operation as a high level of preparation, dedication, attention above all the confidentiality.Management of prestigious properties means often managing "sensitive" information related to the value of the property, its historical or architectural features. In order to provide best possible mediation, StarHomes guarantees the highest level of confidentiality and trusted relationship with the Customer offering the best tools of effective and discreet communication, respecting the privacy and protection of all data of the Customer.


The presence on the net is the possibility to be visible for thousands of people in the world. It connects those who offer a Prestigious Property in Florence to those who is in search of it staying in other parts of the world. The StarHomes website offers itself like a reference portal in Luxury Real Estate in Florence and offers detailed listings for assessing the technical characteristics of properties and perceiving their beauty.


Property photographs are the first input for the potential customer that is why they have an important role as they may also influence the choice. Normally, before visiting the property personally, the potential buyer looks at the photographs of our real estate portfolio where the first impression is the fundamental one. The task of photographs is to describe the property, transmitting emotions and at the same time giving a faithful image of reality.That explains why images posted on the StarHomes portal are highly professional and represents the reality.


Prestigious real estate properties such as Luxurious Villas, Historic Residences or Hotels often include extensive terrain such as ancient parks. It is therefore crucial that the photographs valorize the properties in their entirety and in all their splendor. The photograph of luxury properties must therefore communicate all the strengths of real estate to provide the buyer with as much information as possible. To achieve this goal we enhance the properties through photographs and aerial shots.


Who is looking for a prestigious property to buy in Florence will find in StarHomes a team of reliable and credible professionals. Our attention is entirely focused on the needs of the Customer and identifying for him exact property he is looking for. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the real estate market of Florence we activate a network of research and services that will lead to the fulfillment of the Customer's request in a short time. We also guarantee a secure transaction because to achieve the goal of the sale we carefully check that all the documentation relating to the property is complete and in accordance with the law.


For foreign customers, sometimes the search for the right property to buy in Florence could be more complex than those already in the area. The distance, the language, the laws on the subject can be an obstacle for those who, perhaps taken from work commitments, do not have much time to devote to finding the property suitable to their needs. To minimize the loss of time and resources to all foreign Customers interested in purchasing a prestigious property in Florence, StarHomes offers highly customized consulting services. Thanks to a thorough research we will propose exclusively the properties that fully meet the characteristics required by the customer and only after careful checks of the documentation, which prove compliance with the law, we will organize with the Customer the inspections at the property. Our foreign Customers will be able to count on the maximum optimization in terms of time and resources and on a secure transaction.


StarHomes was founded to take care of "tailor-made" services to satisfy the Client's needs with all its variable components of location, size, style and cost. For privacy of the property often important ones are not openly exposed on the market, we carry out a personalized research on request and identification of specific properties, which are able to correspond in all to the requirements of our Customer.


Luxury touristic apartments and holiday houses of your dream for your stay in Florence. Our wide-ranged Portfolio of Luxury Rent in Florence gives you the possibility to locate in Florence in exclusive locations, surrounded by beauty and breathtaking views. The apartments are selected with scrupulous criteria and each property offers high comfort and benefits to ensure you a 5 star stay.


-  Due diligence

-  Control of all data and documents to make sale and purchase transaction correct from legal and fiscal points of view.


StarHomes, before proposing a real estate to its Customers, scrupulously checks the documentation relating to the town planning compliance and the land register data to ensure that the sale and purchase operation is healthy and transparent from a legal and fiscal point of view.


Due Diligence is the document that establishes the conformity of the buildings with regulatory and qualitative requirements. The presence of a Due Diligence on the status of a property is a valuable element as it helps to evaluate the convenience of a business by minimizing any risk.


Based on the need to assess the property, we have a team of renowned professionals that will be pleased to offer their services like expertise, legal, fiscal and architectural assessments.


To fully satisfy the needs of Customers and achieve success in the real estate transactions, StarHomes offers on the basis of its fundamental values such as transparency and professionalism a wide range of specialized services:

• Property evalution

• Historical research

• Due diligence

• Architectural projects studies

• Rendering

• Customized studies of interior design and gardens

• Implementation of architectural projects

• Monitoring and supervision services for the architectural project in the case of the territorial distance of the owner

• Studies on property potentialities


Over the years Florence has become an important reference for real estate investments.Its famous for its beauty, locations and great flow of tourists which attract investors from all over the world. StarHomes will be happy to carry out the analysis and coordination of the project to make good real estate investments in the residential, commercial and hospitality-tourism areas.


Each property, whether it is a downtown apartment, a luxury villa or a large estate, has its own intrinsic beauty, a unique and unmistakable style. StarHomes wants to enhance the exclusive beauty of each property, for this it offers its customers a personalized study of the property to identify any interventions of interior design and exterior design aimed to increase the value of the property. The customer can view a preview of the projects thanks to accurate professional renderings.

" Live your dream, live your home "

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